Do you know your climate footprint?

In 10 to 20 minutes, you can get an estimation of your carbon footprint by category.

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The reference calculator

This calculator allows you to assess your individual carbon footprint by major category and to take action with personalized gestures based on your answers.

The Geneva version of the calculator that you are using here was produced on the basis of the simulator by ADEME and, with their kind assistance. The emissions factors, as well as the content and references, have been adjusted to ensure that the calculation is as close as possible to the real situation in Geneva. This version is the result of collaboration between the State of Geneva, the City of Geneva and 2050Today.


What is the climate footprint ?

It's a fact that the climate is warming because of human activity. Everything we consume, use and then throw away requires materials and energy. Whether it's during the production, use or end-of-life phase of the good or service. In effect, all our activities contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Some enormously, others very little.

To estimate our own contribution to global warming (our climate footprint), we usually calculate what is known as our individual carbon footprint.


Acting on one's footprint, right now

Knowing your footprint is good, knowing how to reduce it is better. After 10 to 20 minutes of your test, the ACT section allows you to choose personalized actions to gradually reduce your footprint.

Reaching the target of 1 ton of CO₂ₑ per person may seem difficult. But it's a collective goal, you won't be alone on your journey towards a low-carbon lifestyle: it's a transformation that involves the State, local authorities, businesses, and society as a whole.

Climate Plan of the State of Geneva
Climate strategy of the City of Geneva


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